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This section is defined by the type ItemsChartSettingsNodesLayerAuras.
Introduced in version 1.15.0.

Contains settings for the auras drawn beneath the nodes.


cellSize: number
Default value: 3

The cell size of the grid (in display pixels). Smaller values result in more precise aura calculations but can be much slower. Note that decreasing the value also increses the memory requirements which can be significant if the number of auras is large.

defaultColors: Array<string>
Default value: [ "rgba(47,195,47,0.3)", "rgba(176,220,11,0.3)", "rgba(234,180,4,0.3)", "rgba(222,103,44,0.3)", "rgba(236,46,46,0.3)", "rgba(213,66,155,0.3)", "rgba(111,82,184,0.3)", "rgba(28,124,213,0.3)", "rgba(86,185,247,0.3)", "rgba(10,232,235,0.3)" ]

Defines the default colors that are applied to auras for whom there are no specific style settings defined in the style property.

If this is set to an empty array, only auras explicitly defined in style will be displayed.

Introduced in version 1.16.0.
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Default style which applies to all auras. Specific aura styles will override the defaults.

drawLimit: number
Default value: 0.8

The draw limit (0..1) which cells will be considered to belong to the aura.

Larger values result in smaller auras. The cells under the center of the node usually have values close to 1, while the edges have values close to 0.

enabled: boolean
Default value: true

Specifies if the node auras are enabled.

intensity: number
Default value: 6

The multiplier for the node radius that defines the total area of the aura the node emanates.

Note that this defines the size of the aura before the drawLimit value is applied to reduce the size of the aura.

overlap: boolean
Default value: false

Specifies if the auras can be drawn overlapped or if every cell can only belong to a single aura.

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Defines specific styles for each aura. The key of the mapping has to match the aura ID.