ZoomCharts Documentation


Include directly from CDN

CDN allows you to quickly get started with ZoomCharts, so that you can get your first chart ready in less than a minute.

<script src="https://cdn.zoomcharts-cloud.com/1/stable/zoomcharts.js"></script>

ZoomCharts library will automatically download any dependencies it requires.

Please note that although the CDN is hosted on Microsoft Azure (Verizon Standard CDN) service, we do not guarantee any SLA for its availability.

Download from CDN

In order to download the library to be hosted on your own servers, please follow the link https://cdn.zoomcharts-cloud.com/1/latest/zoomcharts.zip.

The download contains few quick-start examples in the examples folder that may be deleted when deploying the application.

The library expects that the assets folder is kept together with zoomcharts.js. If you want to move it or you are using JavaScript file bundling, you need to specify assetsUrlBase setting in the chart configuration.

Note! In production environment do not use CDN as the source of library. Keep in mind that such versions such as latest, nightly or stable can change any time. To aviod some unexpected changes you should download your local copy of ZoomCharts. And upgrade to newer version whenever you have tested that on your development environment.

CDN version structure

You can download any version since 1.6 from the CDN by using the specific addresses listed below.

Additional files available on CDN

There are multiple files available for each version: