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Inheritance hierarchy

This type is implemented by ItemsChartSettingsLinkMenu and ItemsChartSettingsNodeMenu.


This type does not define any methods.


contentsFunction: (data: ItemsChartDataObjectBase, node: ItemsChartNode | ItemsChartLink, callback: (result: string | HTMLElement) => void) => string | HTMLElement
Version 1.9.0: added the ability to return HTMLElement.

Prepare html string or DOM element to include in the menu. Called whenever a menu is about to be shown.

If this callback is not defined, the menu will display the label of the element.


node data

node object

callback: (result: string | HTMLElement) => void

callback function if contents are not immediately available


New contents to include in the menu

Return value
Data type: string | string | HTMLElement

A HTML string or DOM element to include in the menu. Alternatively return null and call callback() later.

enabled: boolean

Show/hide node/link menu.

showData: boolean

Whether to add a view data button to the menu. Useful for debugging.