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This type is implemented by FacetChartSettingsToolbar, NetChartBarSettingsToolbar and TimeChartSettingsToolbar.


This type does not define any methods.


align: "left" | "right" | "top" | "bottom"

Toolbar align. Note that it can be overridden for individual items using item.align. Also Use 'top' or 'bottom' sides in conjunction with 'left', 'right' align or use 'left', 'right' sides with 'top', 'bottom'.

Valid values:
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom
back: boolean

Whether to show back button in toolbar.

cssClass: string
Introduced in version 1.11.6.

CSS class name for the toolbar HTML panel.

enabled: boolean

Show/hide toolbar.

export: boolean

Whether to show export dropdown in toolbar.

exportOptions: Array<"png" | "jpg" | "pdf" | "csv" | "xlsx">
Introduced in version 1.15.6.

Specifies what options will be provided for the user in the Export dropdown. Specifying null here will enable all options.

Note that some charts do not support XLSX or CSV option so enabling it here will not have any effect.

Currently the order of the types given in this array are ignored.

A list of user defined items to show in toolbar. These are displayed in addition to the items collection (which includes the default buttons).

See also
fullscreen: boolean
Introduced in version 1.16.0.

Whether to show the fullscreen button on the toolbar.

isSticky: boolean

Whether the toolbar will "stick" at the edge when scrolling

A list of toolbar items. If this is specified, it overrides all the default buttons.

Use extraItems to specify items that should be displayed in addition to the defaults.

See also
limitDropdownHeight: boolean

Whether to limit dropdown menu height to the height of the chart

location: "auto" | "inside" | "outside"

Toolbar location inside chart.

Valid values:
  • auto - Picks the best based on other configuration settings. Specifically, this will pick outside if horizontal is enabled, inside otherwise.
  • inside - Inside chart area
  • outside - Outside of chart area
showLabels: boolean

Whether to show or hide labels next to toolbar items by default. Note that it can be overridden for individual items using item.showLabels.

side: "left" | "right" | "top" | "bottom"

Toolbar placement side. Note that it can be overridden for individual items using item.side.

Valid values:
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom
zoomOut: boolean

Whether to show the zoom out button.