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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from BaseSettingsToolbarItemBase.


This type does not define any methods.


align: "left" | "right" | "top" | "bottom"

Item align.

Valid values:
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom
cssClass: string

CSS class name.

Introduced in version 1.12.0.

An array of nested items. Setting this will display a dropdown item instead of a simple button.

Note that nested dropdowns are not supported.

enabled: boolean
Introduced in version 1.15.0.

Determines if the toolbar item is rendered as disabled. Disabled item do not fire the onClick handler when clicked.

image: string

Item image, URL to image.

item: "back" | "displayPeriod" | "displayUnit" | "export" | "fit" | "freeze" | "fullscreen" | "logScale" | "rearrange" | "zoomOut" | "zoomControl"

Built in toolbar item name. Note that not all buttons are available for all charts.

Valid values:
  • back - Back button used in all charts
  • displayPeriod - Display period dropdown used in time chart
  • displayUnit - Display unit dropdown used in time chart
  • export - Export dropdown list used in all charts except net chart
  • fit - Fit to screen button used in net chart
  • freeze - Freeze chart used in net chart
  • fullscreen - Togggle fullscreen mode used in net chart
  • logScale - Log scale button used in time chart and facet chart
  • rearrange - Rearrange elements in net chart
  • zoomOut - Zoom out button used in facet chart, time chart and pie chart
  • zoomControl - Zoom control to manage zoom used in net chart
label: string

Item label

location: "inside" | "outside"

Item location

Valid values:
  • inside - Inside chart area
  • outside - Outside of chart area
onClick: (event: MouseEvent, chart: BaseApi) => void

Function to execute on item click.

event: MouseEvent
chart: BaseApi
showLabel: boolean
Version 1.16.0: setting true now overrides the automatic label hiding for the toolbar.

Whether to show button label. Use false to hide the label, true to show the label always and null to show the label when there is enough room in the toolbar.

side: "left" | "right" | "top" | "bottom"

Item side.

Valid values:
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom
title: string

Item title, shown on hover.