Banks will have to improve the customer experience if they want to keep their position in core markets - Pascal MartinoPartner and Digital Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Online banking enviroment is emerging It becomes a key factor in the selection of a bank

Online Banking has become increasingly popular globally - Fan Zhang, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland

Bad user experience kills revenue banking lags in customer- centric technology

Digital banking applications will be judged based on the lack of touches needed to get from point A to point B. - thefinancialbrand.com

ZoomCharts for Internet Banking replacing form-clutter with a Visual interaction

Data & analytics, alerts, instant payments, location-based services... Banks have the ability to transform the online experience. - bankingtech.com

Any data, any device, any place.

  • Backend Agnostic ZoomCharts will work with any database and any programming language. Pure JavaScript, no dependencies.
  • Safe by design ZoomCharts is deployed on browser side. Data with your backend is exchanged in JSON format. Your backend controls what data is displayed in charts at all times.
  • Cross-platform & Cross-device Windows or Mac, PC or tablet, Android or iPhone - any modern device, any screen size. Full responsiveness.
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ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts Library is being used by many notable companies:

When I saw ZoomCharts, I immediately thought - WOW! I could really come up with a fantastic presentation of something that is quite complicated and start to visualize it for the client. John Clelland Managing Director of Proteus-Cyber

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