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This section is defined by the type BaseSettingsLabelStyle.


align: "center" | "right" | "left"
Default value: "left"

Text alignment.

angle: number

The angle at which the label are rotated

aspectRatio: number

Ratio between label sizes in different dimensions

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Background style including fill color.

borderRadius: number

Radius of item border. Similar to CSS border radius property. Zero radius will show a rectangle

extra: any

Extra data associated with the label

image: string

Label image.

imageSlicing: [number, number, number, number]

Slicing to use tiled images. Array of 4 values: [left, top, width, height]

lineSpacing: number
Default value: 0.2

Vertical space between the lines of text. In multiples of text line height.

margin: number

Margin around label text

maxWidth: number

Maximum width of the label.

padding: number

Padding between item content and item border.

text: string

Label text.

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Text style including fill color and font.