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This section is defined by the type BaseSettingsLabelStyle.

Style settings for the drawing the time line text on the chart. You can also use label.text property to specify additional text that will be shown next to the time or by setting showTime to false (the default) display only the specified text.


align: "center" | "right" | "left"
Default value: "left"

Text alignment.

angle: number

The angle at which the label are rotated

aspectRatio: number

Ratio between label sizes in different dimensions

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Background style including fill color.

borderRadius: number

Radius of item border. Similar to CSS border radius property. Zero radius will show a rectangle

extra: any

Extra data associated with the label

image: string

Label image.

imageSlicing: [number, number, number, number]

Slicing to use tiled images. Array of 4 values: [left, top, width, height]

lineSpacing: number
Default value: 0.2

Vertical space between the lines of text. In multiples of text line height.

margin: number

Margin around label text

maxWidth: number

Maximum width of the label.

padding: number

Padding between item content and item border.

text: string

Label text.

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Text style including fill color and font.