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This section is defined by the type BaseSettingsCredits.

Settings for displaying chart credits. Use it as a reference to additional data sources if necessery.

Chart including credits

Note that even if credits enabled on page load, it's possible to hide on exported images.


enabled: boolean
Default value: false

Enable/disable chart credits. Note that it does not affect exported image.

enabledOnExport: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to render credits on the exported image. Note that it does not affect chart.

image: string
Default value: "builtin://logo-supported-by"

URL of credits image.

imageExport: string
Default value: null

The URL of the credits image that will be used for the export. By default the same image is used for both export and displaying on the screen.

imageScaling: number
Default value: 0.5

Image scaling. Use to embed higher resolution images.

location: "inside" | "outside"
Default value: "outside"

Specifies the image location

Valid values:
  • inside - the image will be rendered within the chart area (for example, over the TimeChart columns) and to the left of any vertical chart axis.
  • outside - the image will be rendered below the chart area and inside any chart axis and to the left of any vertical chart axis.
url: string
Default value: "https://zoomcharts.com"

URL to open on click.

urlTarget: string
Default value: "_blank"
Introduced in version 1.13.1.

The name of the frame that will be used to open the URL.