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This section is defined by the type PieChartSettingsLabels.

Label settings related to internal and external slice text and their connectors.


angle: number
Default value: 0

Label rotation angle.

connectorLength: number
Default value: 20

Minimal connector length from slice to label.

connectors: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to show connector lines for labels.

enabled: boolean
Default value: true

Show/hide labels.

insideLabel: "always" | "auto" | "append"
Default value: "append"

Inside label placement method.

Valid values:
  • always - always show
  • auto - show only when available area is at least insideLabelVisibilityFraction from label size
  • append - same as auto, but append inside label to normal label when it cannot be shown inside.
insideLabelVisibilityFraction: number
Default value: 0.8

Inside label is not shown if the fraction of label that fits inside slice is smaller than this.

interLabelSpacing: number
Default value: 0.6

Min distance between labels, as a fraction of line height.

placement: "aligned" | "wrap"
Default value: "aligned"

Outside labels placement method.

Valid values:
  • aligned - align labels in vertical lines
  • wrap - wrap labels tightly around pie