ZoomCharts Documentation


This section is defined by the type GeoChartSettingsLayerCharts.


chartType: "piechart" | "timechart" | "facetchart"
Default value: "piechart"

Chart type to use

Valid values:
  • piechart
  • timechart
  • facetchart
id: string
Default value: null

ID should be null because the charts layer does not retrieve data this way.

enabled: boolean
Default value: true
id: string
Default value: "default"
maxZoom: number
Default value: 20
minZoom: number
Default value: 0
name: string
Default value: ""
perZoomStyle: boolean
Default value: false

Forces style re-evaluation on zoom change. Use to provide zoom dependant style.

The settings that will be passed to each nested chart. Note that if settingsFunction is also specified, these settings will not be used and settingsFunction will be called instead.

Default value: null

The delegate that will be used to retrieve custom setting for a particular node. This function is called every time the node is modified. The result should only contain modified settings that will be passed to chart.updateSettings().

Return value
shapesLayer: string

The charts layer will take data from shapes or nodes layer and creates a chart for every shape/node.

type: "shapes" | "items" | "charts" | "aggregateOnShapes"
Default value: "charts"
Valid values:
  • shapes
  • items
  • charts
  • aggregateOnShapes