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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from LinearChartSettingsSeriesLines. Through this type it also inherits members from LinearChartSettingsSeries.


This type does not define any methods.


aggregatedName: string

Name to show in the info popup when some aggregation has occurred.

cluster: string

Cluster identifier. Columns with the same cluster id will be placed in same cluster.

Data manipulation settings used for default series.

enabled: boolean

Enable/disable series.

enabledWhenAggregated: boolean

Whether series remains enabled in aggregated views

enabledWhenNotAggregated: boolean

Whether series remains enabled in non-aggregated views

extra: any
Introduced in version 1.11.0.

A field that can be used to store any additional data with the series object. This can be useful in situations when the data is required in event handlers, such as onClick when the event arguments contain the configuration of the series that was hovered or clicked. This value is copied by reference.

id: string
invisible: boolean

Disables series rendering, but otherwise process it as normal. Useful if the series still needs to influence e.g. the value axis size, or be present in the legend or tooltip.

legendGroupId: string
Introduced in version 1.15.0.

Group ID for legend. Items in the same group have a different toggle behavior. When all the items in a group are enabled, clicking an item causes that item to stay enabled and all other items are disabled. Clicking it again enables all items again. Consequently, at least one item in each group is always enabled. The exception to this is if the group ID is null (no group) or the group contains only one item. Then the item is toggled on/off individually.

legendGroupMode: "toggle"

How enabling/disabling grouped legend items should behave

Valid values:
  • toggle - Toggling any group item toggles all group items to the same state
name: string

Name to show in the info popup. The same value is also used in the legend unless nameLegend is also set.

nameLegend: string

Name to show in the legend. If not specified, value from the name property is shown.

showInInfoPopup: boolean

Whether to show the series name info popup.

showInLegend: boolean

Whether to show the series name in legend.

stack: string

Stack identifier. Series with same stack ID are placed in the same stack. Define a stack with the same identifier to tune the stack.

Default style for line type series.

type: "candlestick" | "columns" | "line"

Series type.

Valid values:
  • candlestick
  • columns
  • line
unitName: string

Name of the unit of data for the series in the info tooltip.

valueAxis: string

ID of value axis that this series will use. Maps to a configuration specified in valueAxis property.

Introduced in version 1.11.0.

Controls if and how the value labels for each line is displayed on the chart.