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Inheritance hierarchy

This type is implemented by TimeChartSettingsCurrentTime.


This type does not define any methods.


align: "center" | "right" | "left"

Align label relative to the line

enabled: boolean

Show/hide the marker.

Style settings for the drawing the time line text on the chart. You can also use label.text property to specify additional text that will be shown next to the time or by setting showTime to false (the default) display only the specified text.

overrideLimits: boolean

Specifies if the time marker is always included when limiting scrolling. If this is true, then the user will always be able to scroll to the current time even if the data is not available.

showTime: boolean

Show the milestone time along with the label text

side: "top" | "bottom"

Align label relative to chart top or bottom side

The style for the vertical time marker line.

time: number

Timestamp in UTC milliseconds to locate time marker on chart. If this is specified, the marker does not automatically move.