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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from LinearChartSettingsLocalization. Through this type it also inherits members from BaseSettingsLocalization.


This type does not define any methods.


Version 1.14.0: Added parentLocale setting which allows using of default moment locales.

Calendar specific localization settings. This section is used to initialize moment.js locale. See moment.js documentation for detailed description: http://momentjs.com/docs/#/customization/.

closeButton: string
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Text used on menu close button.

dataRequestFailed: string
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Error message when data request has failed.

determiningDataBounds: string

Message being displayed while loading initial data.

exportNotAvailable: string
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization
Introduced in version 1.15.6.

Error message when the browser does not support launching file save dialog from the script without using advanced.exportProxyURL and that setting has been disabled.

firstDayOfWeek: number

Which day of the week is considered the start of the week for display purposes. 'null' uses locale default, 0 uses Sunday, 1 uses Monday

holidayWeekdays: Array<number>

Weekdays that are considered holidays. Uses ISO numbering, with 1 being Monday and 7 being Sunday.

infoDates: anonymous type

Date and time formats used to display the selected time range in the header of the info popup.

See also

The formats used when only a single time unit has been selected or when the selection spans multiple major units (for example, selecting days from multiple months).

The formats used for the major unit when displaying a time range where the major unit is the same, for example, the selection contains multiple days from the same week.

If the display unit is days, the resulting header text is shown as minorTimeFormats.d(from) - minorTimeFormats.d(to) majorTimeFormats.d(from), e.g. Feb 24 - Feb 26 2016.

See the description of majorTimeFormats.

loadingLabel: string
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Message to show when data loading is in progress.

markerDates: anonymous type

Localizable strings for markers.


Time formatting strings for time marker date.

noDataLabel: string

Text to show on the info popup when there is no data in the selected range.

timeAxisDates: anonymous type

Localizable strings displayed in time axis.

majorLabelFullTimeFormats: TimeChartSettingsLocalizationTimeUnits

Time formatting strings for major time units in bottom line of time axis.

Time formatting strings for major time units in bottom line of time axis.

Time formatting strings for minor time units in top line of time axis.

Named time units.

Plural forms of time units.

Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Strings used in toolbars.

unnamedSeries: string

Default name for series shown in info popup and legend. Note that info popup will not use it if only a single series is being used.

valueUnits: Dictionary<number>

Map from unit prefix to multiplier. Used for value axis formatting.