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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from LinearChartSettingsInteraction. Through this type it also inherits members from BaseSettingsInteraction.


This type does not define any methods.


ignoreBottomAxis: boolean
Introduced in version 1.12.0.

Specifies if the bottom axis should be completely ignored for all interaction mouse and touch events.

Inherited from: BaseSettingsInteraction

Controls chart resize handles.

It's a horizontal line right below any chart to handle whole chart resizes by small steps.

Note that the full screen button used as a main alternative to get a full screen by one click.

Scrolling settings.

Configurable settings to select specific time period by dragging on the time axis.

See also
snapMode: "displayUnit" | "period" | "multiPeriod"

Snap mode determines how the chart locks on to data periods after dragging, scrolling and other actions.

Valid values:
  • displayUnit - snap to full display unit (one column).
  • period - snap to full calendar period (one month, one day). Periods are defined in settings.area.displayPeriods.
  • multiPeriod - snap to one or several periods.
  • null - no snap, chart will remain at any position
swipeSensitivity: number

Sensitivity of Left/Right/Up/Down swipes. Note that scrolling.swipePageFlipping must be true for this to have any effect.

Configurable settings to enhance and alleviate zoom interaction.