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This type inherits from BaseSettingsInteraction.


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animation: anonymous type

Chart animation settings.

hoverDuration: number

Duration of hover animation.

scrollDuration: number

Duration of scroll animation.

coverCenter: boolean

If true, empty donut center area reacts to clicks.

mode: "drilldown" | "select" | "toggle"

Interaction mode. Note that selection.enabled can be used to disable the selection completely.

Valid values:
  • drilldown - performs drill down on click, if item is not expandable, selects it
  • select - selects items
  • toggle - toggle selects items.

Slice including all the values that can not be displayed as a separate slice. Use them to configure 'others' slice rendering space.

centerGoesToPrevious: boolean

If true, when offset > 0 click on center acts as click on previous slice.

enabled: boolean

Enable/Disable Others/Previous slices.

maxOthersFraction: number

Max size of others slice, as a fraction of 1. If others slice is bigger than this, it will be made smaller and other slices proportionally expanded.

maxSlicesVisible: number

Max number of slices to show. All remaining slices will be replaced by 'Others' slice.

minSliceFraction: number

Minimum slice size as fraction of full pie. All slices smaller than that are replaced with 'Others' slice.

minSlices: number
Introduced in version 1.12.0.

Minimum number of slices the pie needs to have for it to show the Others slice. Note that once this limit is reached the Others slice may also contain all but one of the slices - this setting does not limit the minimum number of slices that are shown at once in such case.

If you set this property to a value greater than 1, it might be useful to set slice.minFraction to a value of 0.01 or greater.

navigationFraction: number
Version 1.12.0: the settings correctly applies to Others slice.

Others and Previous slice size as fraction of full pie. Previous will always be this big. Other will be at least this big but no bigger than maxOthersFraction.

Inherited from: BaseSettingsInteraction

Controls chart resize handles.

It's a horizontal line right below any chart to handle whole chart resizes by small steps.

Note that the full screen button used as a main alternative to get a full screen by one click.

scrolling: anonymous type

One of interactivity option to scroll among data.

enabled: boolean

Enable/disable scrolling the Other/Previous slices by rotating the chart.

selection: anonymous type

One of interactivity option to use the data selection.

enabled: boolean

Enable/disable selection.

maxSwipeDistance: number

Max cutout distance on swipe.

partialSwipe: boolean

Allows partial selecting of slices by gradually dragging them outwards. If this is set to true, the slices will not snap to true/false positions instead the API will provide information on how far they were pulled out.

swipe: boolean

Wether to select slice by swipe. Note that it works independently of selection mode.

swipeSensitivity: number

Pixels the pointer has to be moved before the motion is recognized as a swipe.

tolerance: number

Selection distance tolerance.