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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from BaseSettingsLegendMarker.


This type does not define any methods.


alignment: "left" | "right"
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLegendMarker

Marker position relative to text

Valid values:
  • left
  • right
lineColor: string
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLegendMarker

Line color around marker shape

shape: "triangle" | "square" | "rhombus" | "triangle2" | "circle"
Introduced in version 1.13.2.

Specifies the shape for markers in the legend. If the value is null then the small icon representing the series is drawn.

Valid values:
  • circle - draws circles
  • square - draws rectangles
  • rhombus - draws rhombus (diamonds)
  • triangle - draws triangles, pointing up
  • triangle2 - draws triangles, pointing down
size: number
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLegendMarker

Marker size.