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This type is implemented by TimeChartSettingsInteractionZooming.


This type does not define any methods.


enabled: boolean

If set to false, all zoom gestures will be disabled, irrespective of how the other properties are configured. Note that the user will still be able to zoom by drill-down (clicking on values) and by using toolbar.

fingers: boolean

Whether to zoom by two finger pinch.

fingersMaxZoom: number

Max zoom difference when using pinch gesture.

sensitivity: number
Version 1.13.0: default value changed from 1 to 2.

Zooming sensitivity for swipe gestures. Bigger values correspond to faster zooming.

swipe: boolean

Whether to zoom by swiping up or down.

upDownTreshold: number

How far pointer must be moved up or down in pixels before zooming activates.

wheel: boolean

Whether to zoom by mouse wheel.

wheelSensitivity: number
Introduced in version 1.14.0.

Zooming sensitivity for mouse wheel. Bigger values correspond to faster zooming. Must be >= 1.1

zoomHighlightThreshold: number

Zoomed area is highlighted if zoom is changed more number of times than this.