ZoomCharts Documentation


Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from BaseSettingsInteraction.

This type is implemented by GeoChartSettingsInteraction and NetChartSettingsInteraction.


This type does not define any methods.


nodesMovable: boolean

Whether to allow moving nodes around.

Move chart vertically and horizontally by clicking on the main chart pane and dragging it on any direction.

enabled: boolean

Enables/disables chart panning.

Inherited from: BaseSettingsInteraction

Controls chart resize handles.

It's a horizontal line right below any chart to handle whole chart resizes by small steps.

Note that the full screen button used as a main alternative to get a full screen by one click.

Select node to expand it or getting path.

Zoom in or out by swiping up or down with mouse scroll pad or by using the Zoom-out feature at the top left.