ZoomCharts Documentation



This type does not define any methods.


defaultUnitWidth: number

Default width of one item. Used to calculate initial view.

enabled: boolean

Show/hide facet axis.

Facet axis name settings.

maxUnitWidth: number
Introduced in version 1.10.0.

Maximum width of one item.

minUnitWidth: number
Introduced in version 1.10.0.

Minimum width of one item.

size: number

Height of the x axis.

Introduced in version 1.12.2.

Configures the title for the facet axis.

Note that the title shares space with the facet axis labels. You might need to increase the value of facetAxis.size property so that the labels are not hidden by the title.

zoomOutUnitWidth: number
Introduced in version 1.13.0.

The width of a single unit that will trigger a zoom-out action when the user swipes up.

Note that the other trigger for zoomout is to swipe up until all the bars fit in half the width of the chart. In this case this unit width might not have been reached.