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Describes the base properties shared between all events raised by the different charts.

Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from FacetChartChartEventArguments. Through this type it also inherits members from BaseChartEventArguments.


This type does not define any methods.


chart: BaseApi
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments

The chart object for which the event has been raised.

clickCredits: boolean
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments
clickFacet: FacetChartFacet
clickItem: FacetChartItem
clickOrigin: "item" | "label"
Introduced in version 1.17.0.

Specifies the source of the click event.

Valid values:
  • item - the item itself was clicked (either the line or the column).
  • label - the facet axis label was clicked.
count: number
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments
url: string
urlTarget: string
hoverItem: FacetChartItem
hoverMarker: boolean
Introduced in version 1.13.2.

True if the cursor is directly hovering a marker on a line series. False otherwise.

Introduced in version 1.13.2.

The series that is currently directly under the cursor. null if the cursor is not hovering over data or is hovering over empty area.

offset: number
origin: string
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments
selection: Array<FacetChartItem>