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This type does not define any methods.


advanced: anonymous type

Advanced settings

addAfterToolbar: boolean

Determine the position of the title relative to the toolbars false - adds title first, then toolbar true - adds toolbar first, then title. Note, toolbar.location should be "outside" for this to have effect

align: "center" | "left" | "right"

Alignment of the title text.

Valid values:
  • center
  • left
  • right
enabled: boolean

Show/hide chart title

enabledOnExport: boolean

Whether to display title on the exported image. Note that it does not affect chart.

location: "inside" | "outside"

Where the title is located in the chart

Valid values:
  • inside
  • outside
margin: number

Margin around title text, in px.

Title style

fillColor: string
font: string
text: string

Title text.

verticalAlign: "top" | "bottom" | "center"

Vertical alignment of the title text.

Valid values:
  • top
  • bottom
  • center