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Inheritance hierarchy

This type is implemented by FacetChartSettingsData, GeoChartSettingsData, ItemsChartSettingsData, NetChartSettingsData, PieChartSettingsData and TimeChartSettingsData.


This type does not define any methods.


format: "JSON" | "GeoJSON"

Data loading format. Currently most charts only support JSON.

id: string

Data id used for series to reference specific data source.

numberOfParallelRequests: number

Max number of parallel data requests to issue. More requests will result in faster loading, but might put heavy load on server.

postprocessorFunction: (data: string) => string

Delegate that can be used to process data returned by the server for the HTTP request issued by the chart.

data: string

The raw data received from the server.

Return value
Data type: string

The data object that will be further processed by the chart.

Version 1.12.0: the value has to be an object, JSON strings are no longer accepted.

Provides the ability to embed chart data directly into the chart configuration.

This data can be complete or act as the initial data where the rest will be requested dynamically using url or dataFunction.

requestTimeout: number

Timeout in milliseconds for data requests. This timeout only applies to HTTP requests issued by the chart directly.

url: string

URL that is used to load data

urlParameters: Array<{ name?: string; value?: string; }>

List of extra parameters to pass with data URL.

name: string

Parameter name.

value: string

Parameter value.