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This type does not define any methods.


clickSensitivity: number

Pixels pointer can move around and still be registered as a click.

doubleClickSensitivity: number

Pixels pointer can move around and still be registered as double click.

doubleClickTimeout: number

Maximum time in ms between clicks to register a double click.

longPressSensitivity: number

The distance in pixels the pointer is allowed to be moved before the long-press event is cancelled.

longPressTimeout: number

Time in ms the pointer has to be hold to register a long press (an alternative to clicking the right mouse button).

mouseWheelRequiresFocus: boolean
Introduced in version 1.13.0.

Specifies if the mouse wheel is only captured when the chart has focus. Setting this to true will require that the user first clicks the chart area.

noClickOnDoubleClick: boolean

If enabled, normal click event is not sent when user performs a double click. A not so nice side effect is that any on click actions are delayed by the double click timeout. Set to false if you are not relying on double click events.

scrollIntoView: boolean
Version 1.12.0: added the setting, previously the default was true.

Specifies if the chart container is scrolled into view once the chart is clicked.

Note that the scroll happens on a click, if the pointer is used to for example, drag the chart, it will not scroll into view so that the user interaction works properly.

speedAveragingPeriod: number

Time window to use for pointer speed estimation.