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This section is defined by the type LinearChartSettingsLocalization.

Localizeable strings including export type options and useful default buttons used for chart interaction. Buttons like to navigate back, set the chart on full screen and others.


closeButton: string
Default value: "Close"
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Text used on menu close button.

dataRequestFailed: string
Default value: "Data request failed"
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Error message when data request has failed.

exportNotAvailable: string
Default value: "Your browser does not support exporting the chart."
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization
Introduced in version 1.15.6.

Error message when the browser does not support launching file save dialog from the script without using advanced.exportProxyURL and that setting has been disabled.

loadingLabel: string
Default value: "Loading..."
Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization

Message to show when data loading is in progress.

noDataLabel: string
Default value: "No data"

Text to show on the info popup when there is no data in the selected range.

Inherited from: BaseSettingsLocalization
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Strings used in toolbars.

unnamedSeries: string
Default value: "Unnamed"

Default name for series shown in info popup and legend. Note that info popup will not use it if only a single series is being used.

valueUnits: Dictionary<number>
Default value: { "K": 1000, "M": 1000000, "B": 1000000000, "T": 1000000000000, "P": 1000000000000000 }

Map from unit prefix to multiplier. Used for value axis formatting.