ZoomCharts Documentation


This section is defined by the type NetChartSettingsInteractionZooming.

Zoom in or out by swiping up or down with mouse scroll pad or by using the Zoom-out feature at the top left.


autoZoomAfterClick: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to auto zoom every time user clicks on the chart.

autoZoomExtent: [number, number]
Default value: [ null, 1 ]
Version 1.12.0: the min value is no longer ignored when "Fit to screen" is active.
Version 1.13.0: the default of the minimum value is changed to null.

Zoom value limits for automatic zooming (for example, "Fit to screen"). Contains array of [min, max] values.

If the minimum (the first value) is specified as null, the chart will not enforce it, instead it will be adjusted as needed if the network grows very large. Note that specifying null as the minimum also overrides the minimum for the zoomExtent value.

autoZoomPositionElasticity: number
Default value: 2.5e-7

The acceleration of scene movement, when trying to contain all nodes within the view, when autozoom is enabled. Increasing the value decreases latency, and makes the animation more responsive. Decreasing the value makes the animation more fluid

autoZoomSize: number
Default value: 0.9
Version 1.12.0: default changed from 0.98 to 0.9.

Controls the percentage of how much of the chart width/height the nodes can move around without triggering automatic zoom adjustment. A value of 0.9 means that the target is to leave 10% padding on all sides of the chart. However once the target is reached, if the nodes move within these 10% on either side, the zoom adjustment is not performed.

doubleClickZoom: number
Default value: 1.5

A double-click on empty space will trigger zoom in by this value. Set to null or false to disable double click zooming.

fingers: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to zoom by two finger pinch.

initialAutoZoom: "overview" | boolean
Default value: "overview"

Auto zoom mode on chart initialization.

Valid values:

  • overview - show whole network
  • true - use basic auto zoom
  • false - no auto zoom.
sensitivity: number
Default value: 1

Sensitivity of wheel zoom.

wheel: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to zoom by mouse wheel.

zoomExtent: [number, number]
Default value: [ 0.5, 4 ]
Version 1.12.0: the minimum value is now always enforced even if the chart does not fit with it applied.
Version 1.13.0: if autoZoomExtent minimum is null and the actual auto zoom level is less than this minimum, the auto zoom level is used instead.

Zoom value limits while for manual zooming. Contains array of [min, max] values.

Note that if the minimum for autoZoomExtent is null (the default) then it can override the minimum in this value if the auto zoom level is smaller.

zoomInOnDoubleClick: boolean
Default value: true

Enable/Disable zoom in on double click.